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Re: Wrong Icons in *.desktop files

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 08:00, Marcel Meckel wrote:
> in openoffice.org1.1 beta packages the *.desktop files found in
> /usr/share/applnk/OpenOffice.org1.1/ have Icons= lines like this:

Hi, there won't be a new version of the 1.1 packages since that was only
for the 1.1 betas/rcs.  I guess you are using the Woody backport?  Those
will be removed once the backport of the current unstable 1.1.0 packages
are put up.  That will happen once I have reinstated the repository on
people.debian.org and fixed bug #206093, which applies to upgrades from
the 1.1 packages.


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