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Dear sir,
This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we
have not yet met. The message could be strange but real if you pay
some attention to it.I could have notified you about it at least
for the sakeof your integrity. Please accept my sincere
apologies.In bringing this message of goodwill to you,I have to
say that I have no intentions of causing you any pains.

I am Mr. Dennis savimbi, son of the late rebel leaderjonas savimbi
of Angola who was killed on the 22nd offebuary 2002 . I managed to
get your contact detailsthrough "The World Business Journal", a
journal of theJohannesburgChamber of Commerce in South Africa
in the time I was desperately looking for a trustworthy person to
assist me in this confidential business.

my late father, jonas savimbi was able to deposit a large sum of
money in differnt banks in europe My father is presently death and
the movement of his family members (including me) is restricted.
We are forbidden to either travel abroad or out of our
Presently, the US$25,000,000.00 TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS my
father transfered to Netherlands is safe and is in a security
firm.Before you can get access to it i have to give you the
password I am therefore soliciting your help to have this money
into your account. before my government get wind of this fund
.You know my father was a rebel leader in Angola before his death
My reason for doing this is because it will be difficult for the
Angolan government to trace my father's money to an individual's
account, especially when such an individual has no relationship ,I
decided to keep that money for my family use. At present the money
is kept
in a Security Company in nertherland.

I am currently and temporarily living in Angola with my family for
my refugee status' Moreover the political climate in Angola at
the moment being so sensitive and unstable.With this password and
information ,and will send you a power of attorney to the security
firm, When you are ready i will give you the information needed
before you can get access to the fund you will then proceed to
Netherlands where the US$25,000,000.00 will be given to you as

Yours sincerely,

Dennis Savimbi.

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