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licensing conditions for Core ocamldocs: currently non-free

Hi, I'm writing to you as the (supposedly, as I didn't find any precise
email address on the web) responsible for the availability of Core
ocamldocs recently announced on Jane Street blog [1].

That doc is very useful, thanks for that.

I'm responsible for the Debian packaging of Core and some of its related
libraries and I would like Debian users to have access to offline docs,
in case they are programming being unconnected (which happens to me
quite often in fact).

To achieve that results there are various problems:

- The biggest one is that the tarball of HTML documents you made
  available contains just the generated HTML files, no licensing term is
  specified whatsoever so, strictly speaking, no one is allowed to take
  that tarball and redistribute it elsewhere, not even me to the end of
  creating a Debian package.

  Can you please add such a licensing information allowing to
  redistribute the doc? The best possible terms would be the same of the
  libraries themselves.

- The second major problem is that those HTML documents are clearly
  generated via ocamldoc, but the code to generate them is not
  available. For Debian that means that those docs cannot go to Debian
  itself, but should be relegated to non-free, which is a pity. I've
  tried in the past to generate ocamldoc out of Core (and friends
  libraries), but I've always failed because there is some per-file
  preprocessing to do which is not uniform.

  Can you please consider making available the actual code you use to
  generate that docs?

Solving the first problem would at least enable me to create a non-free
package, whereas solving the second problem would also make such package
free, making everyone even more happy :-)

Many thanks in advance,

[1] http://ocaml.janestreet.com/?q=node/74

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