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lablgtk's dependency on gtkxmhtml

Hello everyone, ...

Could you all (and especially Stefano) have a look at bug :


And tell me your opinion on this.

I added the libgtkxmhtml-dev dependency on Stefano's (RC) bug
report, and it is a pain because of the libpng2-dev and libpng12-0-dev

One solution could be to downgrade the libgtkxmhtml-dev dependency to a
suggest, which would enable people to install lablgtk without
linbpng2-dev, which is suggested in this bug report. Apparently, only
lablgnome needs libgtkxmhtml-dev, and i am not sure, but i think nobody
uses lablgnome in other projects, but i may be wrong.

Other possibilities include :

  o bug the libpng maintainer so that he produce parallel installable
  libpng2-dev and libpng12-0-dev.

  o bug the libgtkxmhtml-dev so that he provides a libpng12-0-dev
  version. I wouldn't recomend this one, like said, gtk1.2 and gnome 1
  stuff should be built with libpng2.

  o rebuild all lablgtk using apps with lablgtk2, and especially

  o don't do anything, and consider the nag value of this problem as a
  feature which will facilitate the previous point.

I am ok with downgrading the dependency to a suggest, but would want
your opinion.

BTW, enjoy the new camlimages i NMUed for Stefano and the new advi


Sven Luther

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