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Re: Maybe a solution for ocaml-source and cameleon

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 12:04:14AM +0100, Sylvain LE GALL wrote:
> ./boot/ocamllex
> ./boot/ocamlrun
> ./boot/ocamlyacc
> ./bytecomp/runtimedef.cmo
> ./bytecomp/meta.cmo
> ...

I have just uploaded ocaml 3.06-15.1 to ftp://lambda.u-strasbg.fr/ocaml

It is just ocaml 3.06-15, rebuilt with gcc 3.2, and producing a new
ocaml-cameleon-support package (in addition to ocaml-source) which
includes the below files. IT is (wrongly) marked arch: all, but this is
only because i did not take enough care when i cloned the ocaml-source
debian/control entry. The files go (for now) into

Anyway, if you want to play with it, there it is.


Sven Luther

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