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Re: Introduction

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Jim Hall wrote:
> At church I helped set up the first computer lab our church has had. I 
> teach some very basic classes ("you can touch it, it won't bite"), and 
> am a member of the computer lab committee. I've been advocating Linux 
> use for 2-3 years and finally have a Linux computer in the building. 
> Some of the Windows software being used can be replaced with Linux apps 
> now, but some can't. Everything has to run on the same OS, so dual boot 
> won't work. This project may help. I can't speak for the church, but I 
> may be able to do testing and tell you what they need. I see most of the 
> discussion has been about secular groups. I hope you can consider 
> religious groups as well since a lot of "helping people" work is done by 
> them.

I think your experience may be very helpful in identifying those
things which we can do in a linux environment that people are
expecting (or at least needing a smooth transition from) a windows

I know that a lot of activist type work is done via faith-based groups
and we don't want to rule them out!


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