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Re: [Debian-NP] What's the big idea?

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Alex de Landgraaf wrote:

> > > Also reusing old equipment, keeping the memory usage trim would be a good 
> > > idea: iceWM.   
> > 
> > This one has been sounded a number of times, and I put it on the wiki
> > and probably will stay there as a design requirement, unless someone
> > can talk us out of it.
> Well, I'd like to give it a shot :)

Woops, what I meant was that the design requirement of keeping memory
usage and CPU dependance trim, not particularly iceWM. :)

But thanks for the lowdown on xfce4, I don't know too much about it,
the best lightweight I've used is blackbox, but based on your criteria
below, I think I would agree with you about xfce4, even though I have
yet to try it.


> Morphix LightGUI started out with icewm, and it worked pretty well. However,
> when it comes to usability and flexibility I prefer XFCE4 over icewm myself,
> which the module is using as of a few months ago. The third idea was to use rox.
> Very nice design, but I'm afraid they're way out of their league on some areas
> (odd packagemanagement built-in, not packageable save for the rox-filer afaik).
> The forth was to use xpde, but i've heard it's pretty slow, even on heavier
> equipment.
> Pro's of icewm:
> - light
> - familiar interface
> - quite flexible via conf-files
> - it's just a windowmanager, no extra fluff
> Pro's of xfce4:
> - still light (tad slower though)
> - more task-orientated interface (both advantage and disadvantage)
> - easier to modify, has a settings-panel included
> - being actively worked on. Printing is being added, for example, and the
> project is moving fast
> - nice filemanager (well, atleast it has one)
> All in all, I fell in love with xfce4. Some people are still lobbying to get
> icewm back in the LightGUI module, but other people thank me for the change.
> Both have advantages (and disadvantages), but imo looking at other options isn't
> a bad idea. At least, make sure you know what you are choosing :)
> Just my 2 euro cents,
> Alex
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