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Re: replacement of merkel services in DDPortfolio

On Tue, 2011-04-05 at 13:22 +0200, Jan Dittberner wrote:
> I changed an entry in the ddportfolioservice [1] to reflect the new
> location to lookup DD assigned debian.net domain names (Paul: thanks
> for the Wiki edit). There are some more merkel URLs that stopped
> working. Do you know whether there are replacements on other Debian
> hosts? The URLs in question are:
> * all messages (i.e., full text search for developer name on all bug logs)
>   http://merkel.debian.org/~don/cgi/search.cgi?phrase=Jan+Dittberner;search=search

I thought UDD might be able to do this, but it doesn't have the right
options. Maybe Don can comment on where this is moving, CCed.

> * keylog (per-key upload list) (note: uses key fingerprint)
>   http://merkel.debian.org/~enrico/keylog/B2FF1D95CE8F7A22DF4CF09BA73E0055558FB8DD.html

Code is here:


CCing enrico, hopefully he can give us the status of any replacement.

> * MIA database information
>   ssh merkel.debian.org /srv/qa.debian.org/mia/mia-query jandd@debian.org
> * Group membership information
>   ssh merkel.debian.org id jandd

These can be replaced with any other Debian machine, I chose master.d.o
for the wiki page.



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