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Re: Debian Maintainer application for Tomasz Muras

On 19:47 Wed 21 Jul     , Tomasz Muras wrote:
> Currently, I maintain the packages:
>  * moodle
>  * gnome-screensaver-flags


I have worked with Tomasz for about 6 months and have sponsored all his
packaging work.

Moodle is a big and complex package and he did a great job. After exchanging a
lot of mail together regarding packaging and debian policy, I think that Tomasz is
now ready to be able to do uploads of moodle and gnome-screensaver-flags

I have done the latest upload of moodle without requesting any modification and
I have uploaded gnome-screensaver-flags to NEW today which was well done with no
needed changes.

So Im confident that Tomasz will do a great job as a DM and thus support his DM

Xavier Oswald <xoswald@debian.org>
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