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Debian Maintainer Application for Carl Chenet

This is my declaration of intent to become a Debian Maintainer [1].

I have read the Social Contract, Debian Free Software Guidelines and
Debian Machine Usage Policy and agree with all of them.

Currently, I maintain the packages rdiff-backup, pyzor,
python-sqlobject, nagstamon, belier, python-jabberbot, python-memcache,
pylibmc, pycallgraph, llvm-py, python-tornado, synopsis and I
co-maintain the packages python-virtualenv, python-pip and pykickstart.

My GnuPG key 8CD736E2 is signed by the Debian Developers Sam Hocevar,
Christian Perrier and Gonéri Le Bouder.

I look forward to becoming a Debian Maintainer. Thanks for your

[1] : http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer

Carl Chenet

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