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Advocating DM application of Dominique Belhachemi

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On Mon, 26 May 2008, Dominique Belhachemi wrote at

I would like to apply for Debian Maintainership. Nelson A. de Oliveira
and Andreas Tille have offered to advocate me.

I learned Dominique to know because of his valuable work for the Debian-Med
team for instance by maintaining amide and helping on several other medical
imaging related packages.  I'm currently in contact with Dominique because
he wants me to sponsor another package (teem) and can confirm that he is
keen on increasing the qualilty of packaging by following even nitpicking
hints of myself.

I learned Dominique to know in real life when we were on a Debian Med /
Debian Science workshop in Extremadura in November last year.  He was
engaged in pushing the Debian Science effort foreward by trying to use
the cdd-dev toolkit.  It was fun to work together with him because he
detected some bugs in the toolkit and so he served as a really critical
tester which I regard very valuable.

So I hereby advocate Dominique Belhachemi as a Debian Maintainer.  His
key is signed by maself and other DDs.

Kind regards and looking foreward to see Dominique in the boat soon


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