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Re: Queue processing

On 11/17/05 21:23, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Anyway about testimonials about NMs: I interpreted this as the job
> of  the AM. There is also such a template in the CVS repository. Am
> I  wrong about that?

Isn't this the job of the Advocate. You need a DD to recommend you in
the first place. Do we really want this to turn into a popularity
contest. I don't think the DAM would appreciate getting 20 messages
from DDs saying they recommend me. Even if I I have people send them
what does he do with them? This guy only has 7 DD's giving testimonial
about him and this other guy as 9 testimonials so he wins. Or do the
people giving the testimonials count more, Bob only has 3 testimonials
but one is from vorlon so that counts for 8 regular DD testimonials.

This would make the process into a popularity contest, flood the DAM,
quickly diverge into a nightmare.   


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