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Hello, all!

I'm writing to build some resolve for myself, to complete my part of
the NM process that I've been allowing to drag for a long time. So I'm
nailing my colours to the mast and publicly de-lurking.

I'm 26, I live in Perth, Western Australia, and I've been active in the
local Free Software community. (Admittedly, it often tends to get called
"Linux" - is a fine banner to rally under, but there is a lot more to it)

I first came to Free Software through public domain software for the Acorn
Archimedes machines. Much of that was in BASIC and inline ARM assembler,
with source to be seen and used, though there was also a lot of "freeware"
and shareware in the mix.

However, when I came to University and joined the local computer club
I started to see lots of other machines - Macs and PCs, Suns, DECs,
NeXTs, SGIs and more. In 1993 and 1994 we installed first 386BSD, then
Slackware, then Debian 0.93R6 on our expensive, high-end 486DX-33 as
one of our main shell machines - and I haven't been without Debian since.

Since I left Uni, I've worked as a systems administrator, and so I have
the typical skills and inclination to help build Debian as well as use
it. I want to fill in the gaps; the occasional program that I'd otherwise
have to install from source in /usr/local, or perhaps debian-installer -
it has to get done before sarge is going anywhere.

At this point, either an unpackaged or orphaned program is going to
take hold in my consciousness and refuse to let go (I've been entirely
too picky about those up until now) or perhaps one of you will say "It
would be really useful if someone did Foo", then I'll slap my forehead
and wonder why I never managed to come up with it on my own. <grin>


   Nick Bannon   | "I made this letter longer than usual because
nick-sig@rcpt.to | I lack the time to make it shorter." - Pascal

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