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AM report for Juan Manuel García Molina

Name              : Juan Manuel García Molina

Process for this application:
ID check:  The applicant sent me the URL of a public key server where his 
key could be retrieved; it had been signed by a Debian developer.

Philosophy and Procedures were checked in the following way:
The applicant was asked to select 3 packages from non-free.  For each
package, he was asked to compare their licenses with each of the first 
9 points of the DFSG, and show what changes would be needed to make
the package DFSG-free.  He did this work for the following three

Tasks and Skills were checked in the following way:
The applicant has made several Debian packages.  I reviewed a few of
them, and tested one, named gkrellmitime.  I encountered a bug, reported
it, and he made the fix and reported the required patch to the upstream
developer in a very short time (less than 1 day).

I am happy to recommend that Juan Manuel García Molina should
become a Debian developer.

Susan G. Kleinmann

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