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AM Report for Baruch Even

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Report for: Baruch Even <baruch@ev-en.org>

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Baruch has been an "alternate OS user for over 8 years now," using first 
OS/2, then Red Hat, and finally switching to Debian. He has programmed for 
many free software projects, from his own xmms-volnorm plugin, to doing a 
good deal of work on LyX, in which he is responsible for the Gnome 
frontend and the graphics module. He is interested in packaging programs 
he used under RedHat, saying that if he packages only programs he uses he 
knows he can "put his heart into doing the package."

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pub  1024D/AB474598 2001-07-15 Baruch Even <baruch@ev-en.org>
sig        AB474598 2001-07-15  Baruch Even <baruch@ev-en.org>
sig        FD3C916B 2001-07-20  Shaul Karl <shaul@debian.org>
sub  1024g/360B2555 2001-07-15
sig        AB474598 2001-07-15  Baruch Even <baruch@ev-en.org>

Philosophy & Procedures:
- ------------------------

Baruch demonstrated a good understanding of both the philosophy and 
procedures of Debian, answering correctly in areas such from free beer vs. 
free speech and the DFSG and Social Contract, to source/binary NMUs, and 
the BTS.

Tasks & Skills:
- ---------------

Baruch packaged xmmsctrl, a simple commandline program which allows more 
extensive control of xmms than its own commandline interface does, and 
template-new, a system for creating new files based on specially-formatted 
template files. He is working on merging in xmmsctrl with the main xmms 
package, as it is so small, and template-new has already been uploaded and 
installed. Both packages were lintian-clean from the start, and he 
responded quickly to minor issues I found (basically extending the package 
descriptions, and some issues dealing with the fact that template-new is 
called just 'new' by upstream.) Although the packages are simple, they are 
well done.

- --------------

I am happy to recommend that Baruch be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Oh, and this is my first AM report; hope I didn't screw anything up ;)


- -chris
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