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New ftpsync version


i just prepared a new ftpsync version and put it out into the usual
project/ftpsync directory within the Debian archive. Next dinstall this
night (in about 4.5 hours from NOW) will send it out for you to
grab. Current version is now 80387. As usual there are two checksum
files right beside the tarballs, signed by the FTPMaster archive signing

Changes since version 80386 (which never got properly announced, I know):

 * update rsync_options1 to also exclude the newish InRelease files in
   the first run

 * ftpsync now closes stdin, not attaches to /dev/null and pushes use
   ssh -f, not ssh ... &

 * fix bug in rsync speed statistic output in a case where, for whatever
   reason, the logfile has been rotated away before we try to grep
   around in it. Which leaves an empty result, which lets us try to
   access a non-existent variable, which set -u does not like.

 * small style changes/adjustments, like everyone likes path/filename
   variables properly in "", all hate `` and prefer $()... :)

If you happen to have used version 80286 (as distributed on every Debian
mirror inside the project/ftpsync directory), there has been quite some
more changes to it. The most important for a mirror operator are
 - Use ServerAliveInterval instead of SetupTimeout as ssh option, the
   latter is just a Debian specific alias
 - Removing of the own Archive-Update-in-Progress file before
   downstreams get pushed
 - Introduction of getopts arguments for runmirrors, though even if you
   are a hub and push others you shouldnt notice a difference, ftpsync
   handles it for you.
 - Introduction of a new sync target called mhop. Currently not in use
   for normal debian archive mirrors, but in short this lets the sync
   work in a way that makes DNS RR or GeoDNS possible for an
   archive. Used for security.debian.org atm
 - the log file receives a line with the speed output from rsync. If one
   wants that could be used to build up some stats.
 - Default rsync options now preserve permissions too

I do not expect trouble for anyone upgrading, either the oldish 80286
version, version 80386 or for those who just run a git pull, but as
usual: If it happens to eat your car, get you to divorce or whatever
other freakish thing: Not my fault, sorry. :)

bye, Joerg
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