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New Version of Adobe PDF for all Windows platforms

New Version of Adobe PDF Reader for all Windows platforms
Dear valued customers,
  • 50%-60% of your daily office works requires document handling.
  • 70% of your documents requires extra editing.
  • 80% of your documents requires exchanging with your peers, customers or partners.
  • 20%-30% of these documents are in PDF formats with different version, created by various engines.
    We are proud to introduce the new and proved Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 2010 with enhanced features for viewing, creating, editing, printing and internet-sharing PDF documents.
    To learn more about new features and how to install this best-of-breed application, you can:
    + Go to Adobe Acrobat Reader or copy and paste this link to your web browser: http://wl3.peer360.com/b/Z1Z28nqE7qcKMZ0dm4Z1/mle.asp?hl=11991425&CID=141820
    + Get your options, download and boost your works productivity.
    A full version of Office suite is also available for your download.
    Thanks and best regards,
    John Draks
    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    54 Pestersam | CA 96745 | USA | Hotline 1800 845 845|
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