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Bug#558146: FTBFS on mipsel: /bin/bash: line 1: 1933 Illegal instruction tar -cf - .

Package: gnat-4.4
Version: 4.4.2-3
Severity: serious


gnat-4.4 FTBFS on mipsel with the following error:

make[6]: Entering directory `/build/buildd-gnat-4.4_4.4.2-3-mipsel-nr7DIl/gnat-4.4-4.4.2/build/prev-gcc'
(cd `${PWDCMD-pwd}`/include-fixed ; \
	 tar -cf - .; exit 0) | (cd /build/buildd-gnat-4.4_4.4.2-3-mipsel-nr7DIl/gnat-4.4-4.4.2/build/prev-gcc/../gcc/./include-fixed; tar xpf - )
/bin/bash: line 1:  1933 Illegal instruction     tar -cf - .
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
make[6]: *** [real-install-headers-tar] Error 2
make[6]: Leaving directory `/build/buildd-gnat-4.4_4.4.2-3-mipsel-nr7DIl/gnat-4.4-4.4.2/build/prev-gcc'

The full build log can be found on:

This FTBFS blocks the migration of gcc-defaults wich blocks a whole lot of packages from migrating to testing.



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