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Re: MIPS kernel snapshots - 2.6.30-rc4

Il giorno lun, 04/05/2009 alle 21.19 +0200, Martin Michlmayr ha scritto:
> I've built kernel snapshots for mips and mipsel based on 2.6.30-rc4.
> Please test them on your favourite MIPS machine and report any
> problems you encounter to this list.
> You can find the kernel packages at
> http://people.debian.org/~tbm/mips/kernel/r13560/

This kernel does not work in SGI O2 since it mount the root file system
(ext3) as read only. The mount command show the file system as
read/write, but it is read only. No daemon get to start since they
cannot write on /tmp nor /var/run.
2.6.29-rc8-r5k-ip32 still works well.


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