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Re: system clock

> i've got problems with my system clock.
> it just doesn't keep the date i set;
> i tried sync'ing the clock via ntpdate, but ntpdate doesn't work.
ntpdate has been broken for a while.

if the "date" command does work you might have a problem with
your battery in the computer?

> Furthermore, i got a problem with the scsi disk i installed (IBM DORS
> 31160 or something like that):
> When i turn the system on, the prom says that there's a problem with the
> scsi bus/disk/cable and reports "unit not ready";
> after clicking two times on "start system" it works (well, the disk
> appears to be running by then ;)
> any idea how i get the disk to start up faster?
Check if there is a pin you can on the scsi, maybe next to the scsi-
id select which read start-unit, auto-spin etc.


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