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Re: SGI hardware: curiosity questions

Check out:


They go cables if you want to use the monitor. And they have a lot 
of other stuff.



> Hi,
> I recently bought an Indy with a SGI 19" monitor (very heavy).  Is there a way to hook up my monitor to a computer switch box, so I could use the monitor for both of my dual-boot win95/potato and my Indy computers?  Secondly, I have been hearing a lot about SFX companies, e.g., DreamWorks which 
are scrapping most of their SGI's and installing Pentiums with Linux.  Why don't they keep their awesome machines and support the Linux for MIPS projects?  I have heard that support and parts for SGI's are ridiculous, but if they have the hardware already--it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  
OTOH, has anyone been able to buy SGI parts for cheap?
> Brian
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