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Bug#982164: RFS: geda-gaf/1.10.2-2 [ITA] -- GPL EDA -- Electronics design software

Control: tags -1 moreinfo

Hi Kai,

Thanks for your work on the package... it is quite big, so
this review might not be complete, but I hope I got it mostly tackled.

As you know, the python situation makes the package only suitable for unstable;
The python depedency is a itch in the package, but well, when upstream is
working on the resolving it; it should be fine…

I see that the library package bumps the SO name.  Do we need a library
transition? (in this case the upload should target experimental) I did only
look briefly, but found no reverse dependencies on libgeda-dev in Debian.

(note to self: package is not in testing, so freeze is not a concern)

Some remarks:
- you specify both debhelper-compat and debhelper as B-D
  debhelper-compat should be sufficient?

- why moving the git repo to your private namespace? Permissions?
  did you contact the electronics-team to provide you access or their OK?
  Instead, we could move it the debian namespace. There, I can grant
  you permissions. Just shout and I'll do the clicking.
  (I really dont like private namespace repos; this will be not a blocker.)

- The license tag for GFDL says "1.3 or later" but the text "1.2 or later."
- you might want to add yourself to the debian/* section (optional, only if you want)
   as well as Bdale. (as a gesture on his work on the package)
- I've clicked a random file and it had:
 * Copyright (C) 1998-2010 Ales Hvezda
 * Copyright (C) 1998-2020 gEDA Contributors (see ChangeLog for details)
  I guess, you need to review d/copyright, as this needs two lines in the file…

lintian override;
- Why not fix instead of override: geda-gattrib binary: desktop-entry-lacks-main-category

- libgeda47.install says still:
  Is this intended? As those are not dependent on SO Name, this would break the intention
  of moving xorn to its own package.

Debian Bugs:
- did you try to triage the remaining open bugs, if they are still
  valid? (this is not a blocker for this upload, but a normal maintainer task)

- the transistion from *.postinst to *.maintscript is not documented in d/changelog

tagging moreinfo because of the SONAME-Bump question. I dont see hard major issues;
however a few of the stuff ahead is easy to fix and the xorn situation should be
sorted as well. d/copyright *must* be fixed, of course.


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