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Bug#962640: RFS: zmat/0.9.8 [RFS] -- a portable C-library and Octave toolbox for data compression

On 6/11/20 6:13 PM, Wookey wrote:
Yes. dch -r is the conventional way to do that (and change the
timestamp at the same time), but you can just edit it. The idea is
that you leave it as 'UNRELEASED' until you really have stopped
fiddling and are ready to upload. Some tools take note of this field
to stop you accidentally uploading before you are ready. (I don't
personally find this useful, but that's why it's there).

No. Someone will have to do the work of making any adjustments needed
to build in stable and doing an upload to -backports. That can't be
done until after it has been accepted into the archive (which can take
a while (days to months) after initial upload).


thanks for the clarifications. I realized in my package uploaded earlier, a bunch of settings were not done correctly, so I just re-uploaded a new version after making a bunch of fixes


if you have checked out the earlier upload, please retrieve it again.

I tested the generated deb files, both the lib and dev packages seemed to work fine, the octave package is still having some issue to be recognized in octave, I am seeking help on the octave list right now.


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