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RFC: Denemo - New upstream release

Dear mentors,

if you have a moment, please review/check my package "denemo", thanks
in advance for your help.

 * Package name    : denemo
   Version         : 0.9.2-1
   Upstream Author : Richard Shann, Jeremiah Benham and others <denemo-devel@gnu.org>.
 * URL             : http://www.denemo.org
 * License         : GPL-3 and others
   Section         : sound

   It builds those binary packages:

    denemo     - gtk+ front end to GNU Lilypond
    denemo-data - data for denemo
    denemo-doc - documentation and examples for denemo
    ttf-denemo - music notation symbol fonts for denemo

   The dsc file:


   The package is lintian clean (lintian -iIEmv --pedantic)
   Lintian output:


   Here is the piuparts output:


   Piuparts shows a warning due to #583709 [0] and a "fail" due to
   #639574 [1] but shows no problem due to denemo.

   Here is the build log (using cowbuilder):


Kind regards,

Josué M. Abarca S.
Vos mereces Software Libre.
PGP key 4096R/70D8FB2A 2009-06-17
Huella de clave = B3ED 4984 F65A 9AE0 6511  DAF4 756B EB4B 70D8 FB2A

[0] http://bugs.debian.org/583709
[1] http://bugs.debian.org/639574

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