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Changing of service files locations, on which user of package rely upon

  Hi mentors,

  I'm the maintainer of uWSGI Debian package [1].

  I am in need for changing of service files locations, on which user of
package rely upon. It may results in broken behavior of user application
stack after upgrading of package. So I am asking for advice to ease user
confusion after upgrading.

  Soultions that I can think of are:
    1. mentioning change in NEWS.Debian
    2. adding of Debconf note template with description of changes
    3. both 1. and 2.

  Which one of them is acceptable?

  Examples of packages went through such a transition will be also helpful.

  A bit of background:

    - uWSGI is an (web-)application server, usually proxied by
Nginx/Apache/Cherokee. Upstream server is communicating with uWSGI
through socket.

    - one of binary packages (namely, 'uwsgi') provides infrastructure
for dealing with uWSGI daemons: init.d script, common
conffile/socket/logs locations, etc. If a configuration file
'somesite.ini' is created by user in '/etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled/', init.d
script will start uWSGI daemon with passing of this conffile and some
options, so uWSGI will create communication UNIX socket at
'/var/run/uwsgi/somesite/socket' and logfile at

    - but recently I've realized that I need to introduce one more
directory level in paths to sockets and logs. As example: instead
'/var/run/uwsgi/somesite/socket' it should be
'/var/run/uwsgi/app/somesite/socket' ('app' subdirectory is added). With
introducing of this "namespace" subdirectory I will avoid clashing of
app daemon subdirectories' names with other runtime information
subdirectories in '/var/run/uwsgi'.

   - when this change will be propagated to user computer (through
upgrading of package) upstream server will be not able to communicate to
uWSGI socket, as socket will be moved to different location. It can be a
sort of confusing experience for user.

  [1] http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/uwsgi

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