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Re: debian/control

Laurent Guignard <lguignard.debian@gmail.com> writes:

> In developer reference at 4.6.1 Sections
> ...
> Packages in the contrib section have to comply with the DFSG, but may fail
> other requirements. For instance, they may depend on non-free packages. 
> ...
> You can notice *may fail* ...
> According to my english any dependency or other thing from non-free is not an
> obligation. It is "may" not "must".
> May be my is english is wrong (i am not native) and i done a misunderstood.
> Best regards,
> Laurent

But why would you want to be in contrib if you could be in main? For
something to be in contrib there must be at least one requirement of
main that isn't met or it would be in main. It is not a law but common

Loosely speaking contrib is for things that can be on the DVD images
but won't work with just the DVD.


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