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Re: debian/copyright file

On Fri, 2007-12-28 at 14:56 +0000, Robin Cornelius wrote:
> My main questions are :-
> 1) is it necessary to repeat the license text every time, for example :-
> Files:  libopenjpeg/j2k.c
>     libopenjpeg/j2k.h
>     libopenjpeg/openjpeg.h
> Copyright: © 2002-2007, Communications and Remote Sensing Laboratory, 
> Universite catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium
>         © 2002-2007, Professor Benoit Macq
>         © 2001-2003, David Janssens
>         © 2002-2003, Yannick Verschueren
>         © 2003-2007, Francois-Olivier Devaux and Antonin Descampe
>         © 2005, Herve Drolon, FreeImage Team
>         © 2006-2007, Parvatha Elangovan
> License: BSD-2
>  Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without .....
> ...... Full Text ......
> Would it be allowable to just state "BSD-2" for each of the cases then 
> define the full text at one point in the file?

In free text format, mentioning "see above" is OK.  The structured
format should allow mentioning large parts only once.

> There are a couple of files that do NOT have copyright, these were 
> created by a US government contractor and therefor :-
> Copyright: It is the policy of NLM (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
>         (and U.S. government) to not assert copyright.
> License: other
>  A non-exclusive copy of this code has been contributed to the Open JPEG 
> project.
>  Except for copyright, inclusion of the code within Open JPEG for 
> distribution and use
>  can be bound by the Open JPEG open-source license and disclaimer, 
> expressed elsewhere.
> Is this a problem at all, not having asserted copyright?

It is not OK to mention in debian/copyright that the software "can be
bound" by a license "expressed elsewhere".

> Finally many files have the same set of authors and copyright years, but 
> then there is a file with an extra contributor here or there, should 
> each of these files be listed separately with its own list of copyright 
> holders? To me this seems the *correct* way to do things and each file 
> that does not fall under the Files: * catch all list should have its own 
> entry in the debian/copyright file.  Or can i just add the extra 
> contributors to the initial  Files: *  Copyright:  xxx yy zzz
> List even though those extra contributors do not have copyright over all 
> the files included in that search, files have same license however. 
> (Seems incorrect to me)
> This is much less of a problem if the license text does not need to be 
> repeated each time.

In free text format it is, in my opinion, OK to mention "the files in
the directories ... are copyrighted by a combination of some of the
following copyright holders: ... and are licensed under the terms
of ...".

> Just wanted to check the *correct* way to do do things.

That is obviously very good.


Bart Martens

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