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RFS: docbook-defguide -- DocBook: The Definitive Guide - HTML version

Hello all,

I would like to ask for a sponsor for my docbook-defguide package. The
reason why I ask on this list: I need a sponsor with a big box - fast
enough and with at least 1GB RAM (more is better). On my system the
package needs 16 hours to build and the maximum heap size for Java is
set to 1GB (otherwise GIJ fails with OutofMemory). You can read more
about it at [1]. So my sponsor and me would like to ask, if someone else
could sponsor this (lintian-clean) package.

NOTE: The .orig.tar.gz is prepared via the get-orig-source target in

Don't hesitate to ask, if you have questions.

x-posted to related lists
Regards, Daniel

[1] http://www.wgdd.de/?p=31

Here an RFS-template like package description:


* Package name    : docbook-defguide
  Version         : 2.0.17+svn7549-1
  Upstream Author : Norman Walsh and others
* URL             : http://docbook.org/tdg/
* License         : GFDL 1.1 (no invariant sections, ...)
  Description     : DocBook: The Definitive Guide - HTML version
* Bugs closed     : 135296 173710 208031 248364 257715 280485 280740 295579

The official reference manual for the DocBook 4.x SGML and XML DTD,
by Norman Walsh, Leonard Muellner, and Bob Stayton.  This version is
an evolution of the book of the same name published by O'Reilly
(which documented DocBook 3.1).
This is a work in progress, which attempts to fully document DocBook
4.5, but may be inconsistent in some places.


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