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Re: RFS: luabind

Thanks a lot for review :)

>  * The only available download in the SF.net project website is
>    «luabind-0.7.zip», which is different than your orig (no examples
>    nor documentation, for example). It would be a good idea to explain
>    how did you get it and why (README.Debian?).

I download the only aivalable luabind-0.7.zip on sourceforge.net [0],
which included examples and documentation, did you get the last update ?

	0. http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/luabind/

>  * In debian/rules:55 there is a `find' that you could probably avoid.
>    Note that dh_fixperms fixes most of the permissions for you already.
>    The only problem is that it doesn't recognize .hpp header files,
>    but that should be fixed in the next version of debhelper (see
>    #404785[1]). In the meantime, you can use a simple chmod. Also, note
>    that the value should be 644 and not 666 (important!).

Fixed thank you :)

>  * According to the description, it is written towards Lua 5.x, but the
>    package is compiled against 5.0. So, as far as I know, it will not
>    work with Lua 5.1. It would be a good idea to update the description
>    to reflect this issue. It should also be possible to provide packages
>    for both 5.0 and 5.1, but that would require more changes... Is it
>    worth it?

I first tried to compile it for lua 5.1, but there were some missing
macro, I'm going to try again.

>  * In the changelog, you should use «Closes:»[2] instead of «Close:».
>     2. http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/footnotes.html#f17

Fixed :)

>  * Upstream's build system is insane and outdated, but it would be even
>    better if you provided your changes as a patch (using quilt, for
>    example) IMHO.

I also first tried to patch the orig makefile, but I think a libtool
based makefile is a better choice, to generate a dynamic library.
Moreover, only 3 short files are required to generate all the build
chain, so the diff.gz is still "clean". I think I'm going to send a
patch to upstream authors, to propose them this build system for next

I'm going to add a README.Debian to explain why I've remade the build
system and updated examples.

> I'm sorry, but I'm not a DD ;)

Thanks a lot again :p

Thank you for your time, Arthur.

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