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Re: RFS: statist - Small and fast terminal-based statistics program

On Mon, 2005-12-26 at 21:36 -0200, Jakson A. Aquino wrote:

> This package was discussed here before, but I didn't find a sponsor yet.
> Below, some information about it:
> Package: statist

The package looks good. I have a couple of comments:

      * In the diff.gz, the changes to the .po files look irrelevant,
        since they only change the POT-Creation-Date and remove blank
        lines. You may as well restore the original versions.
      * Be sure to send the size_t changes to upstream.
      * debian/statist.doc-base & debian/copyright: there is a extra
        unnecessary blank line at the end.
      * debian/rules: the configure/configure-stamp targets should
        probably be removed.

>  Section: math
>  Description: Small and fast terminal-based statistics program

You might want to ask on the debian-science list for a sponsor. The list
seems fairly active, with quite a few math related posts.



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