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Re: RFS: dsbltesters - open proxy/relay testing utilities

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 08:16:19PM +0300, Al Nikolov wrote:
> Hi, all
> Seeking for sponsorship for the package (ITP: 273204)
Where can one find the package to download and test?

>  Package: dsbltesters
>  Version: 0.9.5-1
>  Section: net
>  Priority: optional
>  Description: open proxy/relay testing utilities
>   This package contains testing software configured to work with
>   the DSBL (http://dsbl.org/) or DSBL-compliant services.  It
>   enables you to send tests to servers based on spam that you
>   receive.  If those tests succeed, the results will reach the
>   DSBL host in question, and the relay will be listed.
I think the long description could use some work; if I understand

  Tests SMTP servers for opened proxy/relay based on email received
  and listed as spam.  Unsecured and abusive hosts can be reported to
  DBSL-style blacklists (http://dsbl.org).

Clear skies,

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