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RFS: wcalc

Hello, I'm looking for a sponsor for a scientific calculator, wcalc.
It's a command line calculator, my favourite, it uses intuitive expressions
(e.g. "5sin 4!-7*2(4%6)^2"), the base conversion is immediate, you can just

$ wcalc -o 0x3b+0b1011/4
 = 075

and get the octal value from operations with different bases (`-o' stands
for `octal base output'). It's also very intuitive. The syntax can be like
human "math grammar" most of the time, in few cases you have to explicit
what do you want (grammar isn't simple but the author is working a lot on
it). The calculator has a lot of scientific symbols, such as:
c      Speed of Light: 299792458
h      Planck Constant: 6.6260755e-34
Mp     Proton Mass: 1.6726231e-27
G      Gravitational Constant: 6.67259e-11
and so on.. it has some mathematical functions (sin, cos, tan, cot, log,
sqrt, etc etc), it can work with radians, it can store results in
variables.. You can choose the precision of the results, you can specify
whether use either scientic or decimal notation. I think it's more easy to
use than bc but very powerful and useful most of the times.

It'is under the GPL license, I've just got the agreement of the
author about debianizing his application and I've just created the debian
package. It's lintian clean (except that I had to override a man warning,
since that long line in the manual can't be broken).

The project can be found here: http://w-calc.sf.net

This is my first debian package and my first request for sponsor, I don't
know if I should link now the .changes, .dsc, .orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz, and
.deb, so I'll link them only on demand.


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