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Re: RFS (3rd try): FCE Ultra: An emulator for the original (8-bit) NES

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Sean, Matthew, and anyone else who wants to test the package:

You will have to download debs from the URL posted and then install them
manually, since I don't know how to set up a file structure suitable to be
an apt source (anyone care to enlighten me?).

If you are running on an ia32-based platform the you can just download the
pre-built binary packages and install them.  For example, download with:

wget http://www.cooper.edu/~nahmia/debian/fceu-doc_0.81-2_all.deb
wget http://www.cooper.edu/~nahmia/debian/fceu-sdl_0.81-2_i386.deb
wget http://www.cooper.edu/~nahmia/debian/fceu-svga_0.81-2_i386.deb

and then to install:

${GETROOT} dpkg -i fceu-doc_0.81-2_all.deb
${GETROOT} dpkg -i fceu-sdl_0.81-2_i386.deb
${GETROOT} dpkg -i fceu-svga_0.81-2_i386.deb

For all others, you will need to build from source and then install the new
packages.  To build from source try the following:

${GETROOT} apt-get install debhelper zlib1g-dev svgalibg1-dev libsdl1.2-dev
wget http://www.cooper.edu/~nahmia/debian/fceu_0.81-2.diff.gz
wget http://www.cooper.edu/~nahmia/debian/fceu_0.81-2.dsc
wget http://www.cooper.edu/~nahmia/debian/fceu_0.81.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-source -x fceu_0.81-2.dsc
cd fceu-0.81
${GETROOT} debian/rules binary

then install as above.

NOTE: In either case you will need to install any missing dependancies
manually (eg. `apt-get install zlib1g libsdl1.2debian` for the SDL version).

Let me know how it goes!

PS - I assume no responsablity for time lost rediscovering "The Legend of
Zelda", etc.... :-)
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