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Fixing bugs in testing distribution


I'm maintaining 'skam', wich is in testing, and has two release critical
bugs that I would like to fix. 'skam' is a kde 2.1 application that
interacts with a smartcard via pcsc-lite framework.

While I was fixing the package, a new version of kdebase (2.2), on wich the
package relies got into unstable. 'skam' no longer compiles with
kdebase-2.2 because an API change. I have reported this upstream, but wont
be fixed for a while.

On the other hand kdebase 2.1 is still on testing.

The question is: Can I upload to unstable a new version of skam for
kdebase-2.1 that fixes the release critical bugs?

Or do I have to wait for a kdebase-2.2 based version of skam before
uploading anything to unstable?


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