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Re: install-info

Josip Rodin:

> Your info file should have something like this near the top:

It hasn't. It starts like this:

===[ cut ]===
This is lyskom.info, produced by makeinfo version 4.0 from

   \input texinfo

File: lyskom.info,  Node: Top,  Next: Inledning,  Up: (dir)

Manual till LysKOM tty-client
===[ cut ]===

> In Texinfo sources, you'd write that like this:

The source document is an SGML file, which is run through sgml2info.

> It's either that or having to specify loads of command line options to
> install-info.

Can I do that even though I do not make the explicit install-info calls
"myself", but lets debhelper insert them?

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