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Creating a debian package that doesn't need compiling...


This is my first go at creating a debian package, so please excuse any mistakes that I have made/might make!

I am trying to create a debian package for RCF (a firewall for linux). There is currently a tarball and RPM of the firewall, but not a debian package, so I thought I might try and make one!

The main file (rc.firewall) is placed into /etc/rc.d/, and the config file in /etc. There are also some .tar files that are contained in the rcf tarball that are uncompressed and put into directories within /etc/firewall/.

I have read the maintainer's guide that is at the Debian Documentation Project, but it seems to only cover packages that require compiling - which RCF doesn't.

After running dh_make and cd'ing to the debian directory, is there a file that allows you to tell dpkg (or whatever is handling the package) to put certain files into certain places, and/or do certain things? I've looked at the debian/rules files, but that refers to compiling from source, and I don't need that!

Any help/hints would be greatly appreciated!


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