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[Linuxmednews-announce] Houston FOSS in Healthcare IT Conference Summer of 09 (fwd)


I would really love to see a Debian Med member holding a talk there.
I'm personally not able to attend because it conflicts with other
dates.  Any volunteer to report about Debian Med (I would definitely
support the preparation of slides.

Kind regards



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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 19:43:22 -0600
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Subject: [Linuxmednews-announce] Houston FOSS in Healthcare IT Conference Summer
     of 09

The Houston crew (including the editor of this site) are joining
together to host an entire conference devoted to
http://fosshealth.eventbrite.com/ Free/Open Source Software(FOSS) in
Healthcare in Houston, TX Summer of 09 (July 31st - Aug 2nd) We have
invited several of the top FOSS projects, including Misys,
ClearHealth, WorldVistA, OpenMRS, Tolven, DSS, Medsphere, and Mirth,
just to mention a few! We have confirmed speakers from some of the
most engaging and intelligent figures in the FOSS Healthcare
movement.. We know travel budgets are tight, so we are offering a
ridiculously cheap early-bird registration of $60. This is only
available for the next month, and is almost $200 less than regular
tickets. It is our hope that this will allow "un-sponsored" community
members to attend, despite the recession. Obviously, if you live in
Houston, this is a no-brainer.

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