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For those who care about CDD SVN


this is not yet an official announcement but I would like
all those who might try to commit any changes - especially
those concerning tasks files for Debian Jr, Debian Science
and Debian Med - to the SVN repository that this has been
moved now.  We are approaching the final phase of the
renaming process now.  Once this is finished I'll announce
the changes officially together with development news
but for the moment I think it is important for developers
to not spend uselss time to find out why the repository
vanished.  So please do a s/cdd/blends/ and you will find
things were they used to be.  A

  svn checkout svn://svn.debian.org/svn/blends blends

will give you the complete content of the moved
repository.  The history was kept.  Please report
any issues in case you observe something which does not fit
your expectations.

More and detailed information will follow soon(ish).

Kind regards



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