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i-Path Telemedicne Server



Dear Colleagues and Friends:

In the following address, you will find a new test
version for the Telemedicine i-Path 2.0 platform,
created by the work group of the Department of
Pathology, University of Basel, Switzerland.

We should thank especially Kurt Brauchli, project
leader, for providing us with this online version for
all the members of LinuxMed2005 and selected
colleagues, may have access to it and try it.

i-Path is an open source development designed
specially for tasks related to telemedicine. It allows
sharing clinical cases, images, files, slides, videos
and many other different objects among professionals
for further

i-Path allows organizing expert groups, discussion
groups and teaching groups, also information websites
of all kinds related to the health field.

It is an excellent development and BioLinux Group is
honored to work in strong collaboration with the
Department of Pathology from the University of Basel,
in the translation of i-Path into Spanish.

I invite you all to visit the web site where the
development is hosted:


First of all, you have to register as user. The option
is on the left menu in the home page. Then you will
receive a confirmation message.

Follow the instructions and you will be registered.
Thus, we can make good use of the e-mail to discuss
the experiences found in the use of i-Path and receive

Kind regards and thank you very much,

Dr. Jorge Raul Rodriguez
Linuxmed 2005

BioLinux Group
Free Health Communittee

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