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Re: Animal Shelter Manager

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Robin Rawson-Tetley wrote:

The listing says that there is no debian package available - just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that both DEB and RPM packages for Animal Shelter Manager were introduced last year.
Thanks for this information.

I'm afraid that the deb package is probably not up to the high standards of stock Debian packages as it's the only one I've ever built, however it seems to do the job correctly :-)
This is fine.  It is not really your job to fit quality of Debian packages
(i.e. passing lintian and linda tests etc.).  The question is whether you are
able to convince an official Debian maintainer who would like to care for
packaging and would move the package to the Debian mirrors.  I have to admit
that I have a lot of applications listed on my todo list and so I'm not able
to take over this job.  Anyhow I would love if somebody would step in here.

Also, whilst Animal Shelter Manager is a Java application, it works fine with Kaffe (1.1.4) and other free VMs (It uses SwingWT, which I originally wrote for ASM). In fact, the ASM Debian package has dependencies on mysql, kaffe and proftp so you don't need any non-free software at all to run it.
This is great news and not normal for Java applications.  I'd love if
other projects could claim the same.

Hope this info is useful.
In fact it is and I'm sure Tobias, who officially cares for the Debian-Med
web site (thanks, Tobias) will fix the information at our pages soon.

Kind regards and good look for your project


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