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LTS report for February 2022 - Abhijith PA


During the month of February I worked on following packages for LTS:

* pjproject: Fixed 13 CVEs. Currently testing[1].

* ring: Same 13 CVEs. Under testing[2]

* asterisk: There were 22 open CVEs including the above same 11 CVEs.
Started working on remaining no-DSA/pending fixes.
Abhijith PA

[1] - https://people.debian.org/~abhijith/upload/vda/pjproject_2.5.5~dfsg-6+deb9u3.dsc
[2] - https://people.debian.org/~abhijith/upload/vda/ring_20161221.2.7bd7d91~dfsg1-1+deb9u2.dsc

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