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Fixing bug 598182 disabling live-installer doesn't work

Hello everybody

Today I was traying to expose this question on IRC and I've only got a
reprimand. I am sorry. I am novice on IRC.

OK. Don't worry.

I have gotten a USB live image generated with lb. This image have
debian installer.
Normal debian installer is running when live-installer/enable=false is
on boot parameters.
Debian installer runs live-installer but is not "installable" so,
normal installer is executed.
Bootstrap-base.postinst get be executed, debootstraping begin, but I
have problems debootstraping libuuid1 and passwd packages.
passwd package doesn't  install because /etc/shadow and /etc/gshadow
files don't exist and libuuid1 package doesn't install because is
passwd dependent.
I have gotten install correctly passwd package precreating shadow
files but addgroup and adduser don't work returning 1.

addgroup and adduser man pages say 1 is not a posible return value.

Some suggestion?

José Luis Zabalza
jlz.3008  a t  gmail.com
Linux Counter 172551

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