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Re: Updating live USB disk with live-rw

2011/4/13 Tomek <tomek_tx@yahoo.com>

Hi all,


First of all, BIG THANKS for all developers and supporters for Debian and Debian Live!

I have a USB flash disk with Debian Live (and other bootable tools) and live-rw persistence partition.  Made from the downloaded hdd-usb image.  All works well so far, a long-term Windows user (me) is learning a proper OS finally :-)

I want to update the Debian live on my USB disk to a daily build without touching the changes/settings/firmware added and stored on live-rw.  

How stupid/brilliant/insane/dangerous is to to download the latest hdd-usb image, extract filesystem.squashfs and other files in /live directory and copy them to USB disk (overwriting the old ones)?  Will all the hell break loose?  Will it help if I delete some files in advance from live-rw in non-persistent run?  Will it be perfectly OK?  What problems can I expect?

I know I could try the regular update/dist-upgrade with apt-get/aptitude, but this will use more and more space on live-rw.  Yes, I know, bigger disks are cheap nowadays, but... I just want to know.

All comments/warnings/suggestions/... are very welcome!

Is dangerous because filesystem.squashfs contains kernel modules and if you upgrade them without update kernel and initial ram disk, bad things may be happens.


Marcos Barbosa <marcosestevesbarbosa@gmail.com>

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