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Re: Debian Live Manual. Spanish translation

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 02:47:58PM +0200, chals wrote:
> Hi,


> -But I have realized that there are still some untranslated strings in the "it"
> po directory (in user_basics). And at least that I know skizzhg made a commit
> last monday updating Italian translation. So there shouldn't be any
> untranslated strings there.

woot! i don't know what happened, there's a lot of stuff missing! 
i hope it's pixies' fault, i cannot be so blind ;)
> - I don't know if someone has reverted to a previous state of the git.

yeah, pixies...i knew it!

> -I fear that a new commit on my part can cause mayhem.

go ahead, i will translate the file after your commit.

thanks for the notification
> chals


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