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Re: Cluster available for testing

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 11:22 AM, intrigeri
<intrigeri+debian-live@boum.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Dr. Jesus wrote (24 Aug 2010 15:56:35 GMT) :
>> I have a cluster of about 50 machines I'd like to make available for
>> testing live-build.  The cluster is hanging off a very fast network at
>> a colocation facility and some automation exists to turn machines on
>> and off and netboot them.  If this would be useful for testing, could
>> the project please designate someone to work with me to make it
>> available?  Thanks.
> T(A)ILS [1] is a Live system built using the Debian Live tools,
> including live-build. We have been intending for quite some time to
> setup an environment that would build and test our images from various
> stable and development branches on a regular basis.
> Hence a few questions:
> - Is this a one-shot testing effort or do you intend to make this
>  cluster available on the long term?

Long term, as long as the organizations donating colocation can float
the difference between the operating costs and the donations I scare
up.  Speaking of which, I have this paypal address... :)

> - Are you interested in building downstream systems that use
>  live-build -like T(A)ILS- in addition to the standard Debian images?
>  I'm pretty sure it would add value to your testing effort to deal
>  with complicated configurations that make use of the full live-build
>  potential.

I'm indifferent to what images get tested, but adding T(A)ILS to the
image testing suite will impact non-T(A)ILS testing.  That might be a
non-issue, I'm only pointing it out because I don't know if testing is
resource intensive or not.

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