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Re: legal implications of linking to libssl/openssl

On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 8:39 AM, Sandro Tosi wrote:

> I know there were issues linking with openssl, but i dont know if it's
> still accurate, so i would like to ask the list: is it ok from a legal pov
> to switch from gnutls to openssl for transmission?

The situation is currently unchanged, the OpenSSL license is
incompatible with the GNU GPL family of licenses and an exception is
needed to allow combining code under those licenses and OpenSSL in the
same work.


In the (very) near future, OpenSSL is planning to switch to the Apache
2 license, which is compatible with GPLv3 but not GPLv2. So code under
GPLv3-only, GPLv3+ and GPLv2+ licenses will be compatible with the new
license but GPLv2-only code will require an exception as before. The
standard exception used for the current license looks like it will
also be fine under the new license.




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