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is CC BY 3.0 DFSG-free, again

  I have looked around and not found a definitive answer to whether CC BY 3.0 is DFSG-free.  http://wiki.debian.org/DFSGLicenses mentions CC BY-SA 3.0, but not CC BY 3.0.  And previous discussions on this list have been unclear on a distinction and unresolved about their status wrt DFSG.

  So, what is the latest thinking about CC BY 3.0 and DFSG?  Alternatively, what are DFSG-compatible licenses for the non-executable portions of a package (e.g. documentation, images, etc.)?

  While I am not a Debian developer, I respect the community's efforts and I would like to make sure my work can be included by packagers.

Sean Robinson
WiFi Radar - http://wifi-radar.berlios.de
Python WiFi - http://pythonwifi.wikispot.org

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