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"Mehr Geschäfte in Finnland" / Generalkonsulat von Finnland 11.6.2009

M e h r   G e s c h ä f t e   i n   F i n n l a n d 

We invest to your establishment on Finnish market! 
- A totally new concept has been launched! -


TIME: Thursday 11th June 2009 at 16.00 - 18.00
PLACE: Generalkonsulat von Finnland, Esplanade 41, 8.OG., 20354 Hamburg, www.finnland.de  


- Eröffnung des Seminars/Opening of the seminar. Ms Päivi Blinnikka, Generalkonsulin/Consul General 
- Präsentation der Deutsch-Finnischen Handelskammer, Mikael Helle, Stellvertretender Geschäftsführer 
- Tampere Business Region presentation. Mr Markku Teittinen, Executive Partner, Tampere Business Region 
- Fast Track Finland presentation. Mr Jukka Mansikka, Executive Partner, Tampere Business Region

FAST TRACK FINLAND is part of TAMPERE BUSINESS REGION (TBR), a new service for the companies which are looking for to invest or start a new business in Tampere Region. TBR organization provides you all the information and assistance you need when considering to set up a business in Tampere region.
TBR includes also a program "Fast Track Finland" with many concrete FREE OF CHARGE services:

- FREE corporate registration in Finland 
- FREE initial book keeping 
- FREE opening of the bank account 
- FREE corporate address service 
- FREE shared office facility with internet 
- FREE initial legal advice 
- And many others
Please come and hear more about Tampere Business Region by registering yourself for the info seminar at:


The info seminar is free of charge but requires advance registration.
Best regards,
Mr Jukka Mansikka
Executive Partner
Mr Markku Teittinen
Executive Partner

Mr Mikael Helle
Deutsch-Finnische Handelskammer
Stellv. Geschäftsführer
Deputy Executive Director


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