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The Stockholm Exhibition global launch

We are proud to introduce the first step of The Stockholm Exhibition 2009-2013. The project aims to continue the tradition from 1897 and 1930. A Stockholm exhibition of the 21:st century will be built on long-term, organic processes of 3-4 years, where the exhibition functions as a tool for building and communicating knowledge - and also, by, together with the local population, developing the area around Järva, to show how ideas and visions transform into solid results. The project is now ready for a first presentation and the process to find partners for each part of the parts of the projects has started. Each project will have its own organization, economy and partners.

In 1930, The Stockholm Exhibition transformed Sweden. It attracted 4 million visitors by letting them step right into a full scale mock up version of the ready-to-build modern society. The impact was immense. The Stockholm Exhibition 1930 became the launch of The Swedish Model and the Swedish Welfare State. It was the starting point of the modern society and built Sweden's brand - all to way to the present.

Now it is 2009 and we have entered a new world. A world that is global, digital and based on free-floating knowledge. It is a new world where the human race is rapidly moving to cities in such a scale that urban development simply will be the issue that decides our future.

In 2008 the city of Stockholm commissioned a study on how a Stockholm Exhibition would be made for our time. Some of the best architects and curators in the world have been commissioned concept studies - ready to take into action. All to search for innovative concepts connected to the transformation of one of the most problematic suburban modern areas in Stockholm, Järva into a future model for urban development.

The kind of exhibition that worked 80 years ago has to be adapted to our times. The challenges we face in Stockholm and globally are about linking together more than just the physical city: linking different structures and developing leadership and collaboration between politics, commerce, knowledge and citizens.

The site, www.stockholmexhibition.com works as an engine and a platform for information and ideas, from now until 2013. Please e-mail us for more information, inputs or ideas. Join our global team.

Contact: global@stockholmexhibition.com. Website by Dabber

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