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Looking For Transactional Funding or Proof of Funds???

Dear Friend,

For a limited time, we’ve made available a Transactional 
Funding Program to Realtors and Real Estate Investors all over 
the United States to help you close more deals. 


Now you’ll be able to ‘wet’ close your hard to close deals such 
as Short Sales, REO Sales, Non Performing Paper Purchases, 
Wholesale Flips, and Commercial deals using our unique 
Transactional Funding Program.

We’ve also provided in this program a Proof of Funds for you 
to use to present to your REO sellers. To learn more about this 
program, you’ll want to check out the replay to the seminar we 
gave last week that explains in detail how this program works. 


The feed back I've gotten has been over the top. I took a lot of 
questions from the folks too, which I'm told, was very 

The interest in this particular training has been amazing, so I 
wasn't surprised to see that we filled right up. Perhaps you were 
among those who couldn't get in. 


Looking forward to working with you in the future!

Best to you, 

Kellie Brown
Dandrew Partners LLC
156 5th Avenue, Suite 823
New York, NY 10010


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